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Working with our clients and suppliers alike, we are happy to take on any new challenges and design projects created by the ever growing demands in our chosen industry sectors

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Jafco Tools has developed a reputation as one of the world’s leaders in the production of specialist hand tools, further to this, since its acquisition by P F Cusack in 2013 the company has continued to increase both its specialist range of tools, client diversity and market sector share.

The company’s three primary industry sectors are Rail, Fire & Rescue and Highways & Infrastructure, the latter encompassing both local government and Utilities, however they also boast an impressive array of forestry hand tools.

Our connection with P F Cusack mean we are able to offer rail specified products, i.e. PPE ranges and rail sign services to its customers.

Jafco don’t just make fine hand tools, they create working relationships with companies and assist them on a day to day basis, Jean Wilkes, Jafco’s National Contacts Manager stated “We are committed not only to our ongoing product development, but also to our customer project development activities, working with them to constantly improve and innovate”

Innovation is a company byword for Jafco, we introduced three new ranges to our already large and diverse inventory in 2015.

The core feature of the company’s professional tool ranges are the ‘Pultruded’ Fibreglass handles which give the tools an unprecedented mix of strength, durability and electrical insulation properties, which can literally save lives in safety critical situations.

All the professional range tools are batch tested to and in most cases above industry standards, with a comprehensive array of strength and load tolerance, abrasion, insulation, soaking and flammability tests, simply making these the finest and most durable hand tools available to industry.

One of the company’s cornerstone ranges is the BS 8020:2011 Track Tool Range, developed over many years in partnership with London Underground and Network Rail.

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JAFCO Tools work alongside some other great brands based in Britain to make up the Federation of British Hand Tool Manufacturers. To find out more, click on the logos below:

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